The weather has now turned and you can start to feel the onset of winter, but it’s not all doom and gloom as you can start thinking about next year!

Blooming great – now’s the perfect time to plant Tulip bulbs for next spring.  Planting bulbs in pots and containers means you can spread them around your outside space when they flower next year.  Also, why not mix up the colours in your containers to create a rainbow display next Spring?  Alternatively, go for colour-blocking to make a bold and bright statement.

Wrap it up – if you still have plants or flowers growing in containers outside this month then consider wrapping them up to protect them from winter frosts.  Bits of bubble wrap are perfect insulators but you might want to pop along to your local garden centre for advice and to see what products they have on offer.

Raking it in – if you have trees or branches overhanging your outside space, make sure you gather up all the fallen leaves to keep things looking tidy.  It’s amazing the difference this will make but, just make sure that there is nothing hibernating underneath!