Traditionally a time for stormy weather, October could also be a time of Indian summers!  Make the most of the nice days this month by getting out into your plot and enjoying the sun while you get ready for autumn. It’s also a good time to plan ahead to spring next year.

Seed collections – here’s a handy money-saving tip – make sure you finish collecting seeds from your plot this month for sowing next year.  Be sure to store all the seeds in a cool dry place and don’t forget to label them so that you know what you have.  Next spring, simply sow and watch your favourite flowers and plants come back again but in greater abundance!

Pumpkin patch – not everyone likes Hallowe’en, but for those who do, there’s lots of different things you can do to dress up your plot.  Carving pumpkins and putting them outside with tea-lights inside is a very common sight these days – why not invest in some fake spider webs and Hallowe’en themed lights to give your plot a bit of a lift?  You should be able to use the lights again next year, so they’re definitely a worthwhile investment!

Harvest time – if you are lucky enough to have apple or pear trees in containers or in the ground in your plot then now is harvest time.  Make sure to weed out any bad fruit and to store in a cool, dry place any which have not yet fully ripened.  If you have had a bumper crop of apples, why not use some for apple ‘bobbing’ at Hallowe’en or give some to your friends or family, especially if they have helped in your garden while you were on holiday?