Autumn has officially arrived, the days are starting to cool down and sunset is getting earlier every evening. But doesn’t mean to say you still can’t enjoy your outside space when weather permits.  Below are a few ideas to help you make the post of your plots this month.

Fire your imagination – fireplaces and heaters aren’t just for inside!  There are lots of different styles of firepits or chimeneas, some of which double up as BBQs, for you to choose from.  No matter the size of space your local garden centre will have lots of options.  Why not pay them a visit? Don’t forget to stock up on marshmallows to toast when sitting round your fire in the evening!

Herby treats – it’s not too late to plant some herbs for a spring crop.  Parsley and chervil are ideal to sow now and be grown in containers or pots.  Why not plant lots of different small pots which you can move around your plot in springtime to create a fragrant display?

Cleaning time – if you use cold frames or have a greenhouse, no matter the size, it’s time to clean them down in readiness for the next phase of use.  Many plants can now be raised from seeds and cuttings throughout the autumn and winter, but you may want to consider adding a little heat towards the end of the month.  Remember to take away any permanent shading from the glass to make sure the plants benefit from maximum sunlight.