Hacks for your plot

In this section you’ll find lots of hacks to help make your life easier. From creating a vertical garden, to how to choose a BBQ, to growing potatoes!

Check out our videos for more information and if you want to share any of your own hacks, email us at hello@garlandpr.co.uk or post it on Facebook or send us a Tweet using #LoveYourPlot.

August Hack – no fuss flowers

Bring our outdoor space to life with easy to grow flowers!

July Hack – grow your own salad

Growing your own salad couldn’t be easier – you don’t even need a pot!

June Hack – how to make a vertical garden

Vertical gardens are ideal for balconies, patios, and small outdoor spaces. Here’s how to get started!

May Hack – how to pot a plant

You have a plant, you have a pot – what next? Here is our quick video on how to pot a container plant.


April Hack – how to grow potatoes

April is the perfect time to start growing your own potatoes! Check out our video below for tips about how to get started.

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