Nearly there – just a couple of weeks until spring time and you can start to spend more time outside.  Here’s an idea of what you can do this month to spruce up your outdoor space.

Plants – it’s time to start planting your summer bulbs to bring a riot of colour to your space.  Whether it’s in the ground or in pots and containers, make sure you plant a good variety of bulbs so you have an impressive and colourful display come July.

Tidy up – cut back all the dead leaves from your winter flowering plants and generally tidy up your space so that the bulbs you planted in autumn have room to grow.  If you have grass you can start to mow the lawn should it be needed.

BBQs and Furniture – it might be cold, but if there are dry and sunny days why not make the most of them by holding an early spring BBQ?  Remember to cover up your furniture and take any soft furnishings (such as cushions and throws) inside once you’re finished with them as the weather can still turn quickly!

Grow your own – if you want to try growing your own tomatoes, peppers or salad, now is the perfect time to start sowing the seeds.  Don’t worry about pulling on your wellies and hunting for a spade – this can all be done indoors, meaning you stay nice and warm even if it’s still frosty outside!