Schools are out so that means parents across the UK will have less time to spend on their plots, but why not get your kids involved?  It will give them something different to do and get them out into the sunshine (we hope!).

Onwards and upwards – stuck for space or only have a small plot?  There are lots of different things you can do to liven up your space.  Why not create a vertical garden?  Simply take an old wooden pallet, add a coat of paint, then attached flower pots or small containers to the slots.  Prop it up against a wall and, hey presto, you outside space is now “on trend”!

Bee good to wildlife – this month it’s World Honey Bee Day!  Bees are essential for pollinating fruits, flowers and vegetables, but have been dying out for the last few years.  Why not do your bit to promote the bee population by having lavender or bluebells in containers in your garden?  You can even buy a bee hotel – visit your local garden centre to find out more.

Last of the summer wine – if you’re having an al fresco drinks party this month, create a chilled atmosphere with outdoor cushions and soft fabrics over your garden chairs.  There are lots of different styles to choose from!  You could even upcycle any throws you have in your house or invest in a couple of picnic blankets.  Your local garden centre will have lots of ideas, so why not pay them a visit?