Traditionally one of the hottest months of the year, hopefully by now everyone is wearing shorts and t-shirts or summer dresses and spending more time outside than inside!  From enjoying an ice cream in the sunshine to an evening BBQ, there are lots of different things you can be doing this month in and to your plots.

Keep it cool – with the sun (hopefully) blazing, it’s not just people who need to cool down and stay hydrated. Make sure you keep your plants watered and your pets have enough liquid.  If you have a water butt hopefully you can use natural rainwater to water your plants. If not, make sure you use enough water – but use it sparingly.  Make sure you keep any water features topped up, but remember to be water-wise!

Para-para-parasol – to create an area of shade in your plot, and protect sensitive skin from the sun’s rays, you might want to invest in a parasol.  There are lots of different types available – from simple straight up and down to those that are cantilevered.  Why not pop along to your local garden centre for some ideas and inspiration?

Holiday time? – if you’re heading off on holiday there are some things you need to do to your plot before you leave.  If you have a lawn, make sure you cut it and picked all the weeds – you don’t want them making hay while you’re in the sunshine!  Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your plants, be they in pots and containers or a garden, by watering them regularly.  If you have anything edible growing, tell your neighbour to help themselves by way of a thank you!