Spring isn’t too far away although the weather might be telling you something different!  While the weather can still turn nasty, there are odd days when you can get out into your plot.

Feathered friends – while the weather is so changeable don’t forget to put some food out for our feathered friends.  Birds love fat balls and a variety of seeds and peanuts in this weather.  Consider hanging a bird feeder, or have a bird table if space permits, to keep the birds bed and healthy during the winter months.

Light it up – fairy lights and rope lights aren’t just for Christmas!  You can use them in lots of different ways to brighten up your plot.  Why not wrap them around an old hula hoop and hang them up in your garden for an alternative chandelier?  Or you make a feature of one part of your plot by lighting it up.  Why not wrap rope lights around posts to make them look more attractive?

Pots of inspiration – if you want to add colour to your plot bur aren’t ready to fill your containers, why not invest in some brightly coloured pots, ahead of the planting season?  Your garden centre will have lots to choose from and some great advice about which ones are more durable so why not pop along and chat to one of the experts?  You can then see how they look in your plot before you fill them, helping you to plan ahead!